Oregon state record for Cascade Roosevelt 2022

Oregon state record for Cascade Roosevelt 2022

New Oregon state record for Cascade Roosevelt 2022

Archer: Josh Kelsey

Josh’s Story… Grateful! is the word I use to sum up my 2022 archery elk season.

This bull deserves the utmost respect as he was the boss of his geographical domain. He eluded me for 5 years, demanding many miles, nights, blood, sweat, and yes, tears.

I harvested him in Oregon with an OTC general archery season tag on public land. Which to me, adds to this bulls’ ability to elude hunters.

Every trip into the woods I bring home something to learn from. This trip I brought home meat, a set of antlers, and a memory that is deeply embedded.  

The story is a long winded one, but to sum it up, this bull is like an old man that I basically had to push past his bedtime, steal his woman, and then ask to fight.

I dubbed this bull “Poppa Pig” as he always knew his place when gathering his harem, with a distinct potbelly in tow.

Poppa Pig has been officially scored and is awaiting panel scoring. He will go in as a Rocky Mountain Elk in the Pope & Young book and a Cascade Roosevelt in the State of Oregon’s book.

Pope & Young Gross = 431 5/8” Net = 401 3/8”

State of Oregon Gross = 431 5/8” Net= 409 3/8”

Photo courtesy of Josh Kelsey, location protected 



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