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Backpack Water Bottle Holder

Backpack Water Bottle Holder

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The Bend-Able Backpack Water Bottle Holder is designed to be the most durable, reliable, and efficient carrying solution for whatever adventure you're taking on.

It's triple-walled plastic core is encased in waterproof IX Camo Fabric to protect your vessels, maintain structure, and have the durability to withstand the elements.

The Backpack Water Bottle Holder comes with an included 36" strap for easy attachment to your pack.

  • Webbing enforced base
  • Rigid Core design to maintain shape and structure
  • Waterproof IX Camo fabric, DWR coated on the outside and Polyurethane coated on the inside
Height 5 1/4 inches
Weight 4.9 ounces
Warranty 1 year

 *Water Bottle Not Included


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